Man scanning documents.

3 Ways Data Capture Helps With Digital Transformation

Humans are creatures of habit. Especially when it comes to how they do things. This is particularly true when we consider adopting new technology to improve workflow.  It can be hard for people to branch out and try a new process, especially when they see nothing wrong with their current approach. In fact, “47% of companies haven’t started to embark on digital transformation.” That means almost half of the businesses out there have yet to explore tech that has the potential to give them a competitive edge.

With new productivity technologies available every day, it makes sense to see how at least a few of them can help your company. A good place to start is a data capture solution. It’s easy to use, not ridiculously expensive, and a great way to increase results in the office. Here are a few more reasons your business should take a closer look at incorporating data capture into its processes:

Saving Resources

Fact is, printing is expensive. Of course, like just about anything else, you have to buy supplies to do it. There’s no such thing as a free lunch or, as it turns out, a ream of paper.  With 10 reams costing upwards of $50, keeping your office stocked year-round, year after year can add up. (Then there’s the ink, not to mention wear and tear on the machines…)

Not only is printing paper costly to do, it’s costly to file and store. Sifting through documents in order to categorize them takes time. Employees can spend minutes trying to file just one piece of paper. That might not seem like a lot of time, but if they’ve got a stack 50 sheets tall, all going different places, that’s over two hours of filing time. Time they could use to work on other more pressing projects.  

Using a data capture solution will help your business save time, money and even office space. For the equivalent of a cup of coffee per day, your employees can scan files in, convert them into Word or PDF documents, store them on a server,  and easily search them. And you won’t need to take up valuable space storing filing cabinets and boxes full of paper anymore. You can use the space you freed up going paperless for something more productive like another meeting space, or something fun like a ping-pong table. After all, happy employees who feel connected and engaged are more productive employees.

Boosting Productivity

Gone are the days of spending hours retyping up PDFs and scouring them for data. Data capture solutions allow you to spend less time manually reviewing, entering and filing data and more time working using the data for other critical projects.

Data capture ensures that information is being automatically identified, analyzed and applied so that it becomes useful information for customers, colleagues, and partners in your business. Your team reduces the time spent in administrative activity and increases their focus on providing knowledge and skill that results in more value for everyone.

In addition, “employees who believe their workplace effectively uses mobile tech are more creative, satisfied, and productive at work.” Essentially, when you’re employees feel like you’re making an effort to focus their talents on more meaningful work, they’ll work harder for you.

Reducing Human Error

If you’ve ever transcribed documents, you know how it goes. It starts out fine. It’s not so bad. Nine pages? No problem. After the first two, you go on autopilot. You’re plugging along. By page four, you’re starting to drag. You begin making silly errors. You catch them, but it’s a time-consuming pain to go back and fix them. Who needed that comma there, anyway?

Geez. By page eight, you’ve had it. You’re mistyping something every other section. Stick a fork in you, you’re done. There’s GOT to be a better way. Turns out, there is. In addition to saving time, scanning documents in will help you reduce human error by eliminating data entry mistakes and the costs that result down the line, from production to invoicing to payroll.  

Going Digital: What Next?

If your company is in need of some digital transformation, we can help. Our data capture solution allows you to easily process data and documents entirely online, saving time, money, and headaches. With CapturePoint, your one step closer to a faster, better, and more innovative way of doing business.