5 Advantages of Online Forms

5 Advantages of Online Forms

Think back to what life was like before the advent of online forms. Everything was done on paper. For HR departments that meant doing all HR-related activities – like processing employee contracts, timesheets, payroll, checks, performance reviews, etc. – through physical forms and manual labor.

When you needed to dig up some data from a few months back, you had to head into the designated file cabinet room and get to work. Luckily, businesses started to pick up on online forms and their valuable uses in everyday work life. Here are five advantages of using online forms:

1. The Trees Will Thank You

The first and most obvious benefit of online forms are that they’re eco-friendly and encourage less use of paper. When data is digitized and made available online, you no longer need to carry around piles and piles of paperwork to gather information. Online forms create a better way to store large amounts of information over time, and also allow easy retrieval of specific pieces of information that you would otherwise spend hours searching for.

2. No More Printing and Faxing Nightmares

Printing and faxing documents can be time-consuming and costly. Plus, you’ll have to invest more time in organizing all those printed documents to make them easily searchable – and if they’re accidentally lost or destroyed, you’re kind of at a dead end. By going paperless, you can put those printers and fax machines away and devote more of your time doing tactical work.

3. Make the Most of Digital Signatures

How annoying is it for you to print out a document, physically sign it, and then figure out a way to mail it or scan it to the designated recipient. Do away with all that with online forms that allow for digital signatures that are secure and easy-to-use.

4. Lower Costs

Paper and ink cost money, and they can add up to quite a bill once you sit down and do the math. Plus, storing and processing paperwork manually takes up a lot of time! With online forms, you can automate data entry and eliminate the need to ship boxes and boxes of paper documents – saving you both time and money.

5. Enhance Customer Service

By accelerating your business processes, online forms allow you to speed up service deliver and enhance the overall customer service experience. You’re able to proactively respond to customers’ needs and communicate with them with greater convenience and accessibility. Lastly, online forms make the process of getting customer feedback and quotes more flexible – benefitting your company as a whole.

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