Data Capture

The Benefits of Advanced Data Capture

Data entry is tedious.

There’s really not a better way to phrase it. Manually entering data into a computer system to be used for analytical purposes is one of the most time-consuming and monotonous tasks in the business world, yet it’s been a necessity since the arrival of modern business practices. Someone has always drawn the short straw and had to spend hours poring over hundreds of identical forms, battling boredom and bad handwriting to catalogue useful information.

Thanks to years of technological development, however, there is now a better way.

Advanced data capture is a cutting-edge service offered by select managed service providers that marries recognition software and the Adobe suite to convert paper documents to a PDF and extract useful data. This has massive implications for businesses that are reliant on data entry to provide the fuel needed to keep moving forward. The benefits of advanced data capture have the potential to affect every corner of your business.

Save Time and Money on Labor

Saving time and money on labor is the most obvious benefit of advanced data capture. For companies that rely heavily on data entry, especially those in the healthcare and finance sectors, data entry can eat up hundreds or thousands of man-hours every year. If that labor cost can be largely eliminated or redirected elsewhere, it will make a significant difference in the budget and the growth rate of the business.

Reduce Human Error

Humans can no longer match machines when it comes to mundane but detailed tasks like data entry. Software doesn’t need to sleep and rarely makes mistakes – and those few mistakes it does make can be easily corrected. One of the more frustrating parts of manual data entry is how much human error can come into play; advanced data capture goes a long way to eliminate that inconsistency, which can be a huge benefit for companies that depend on precise data.

Speed Up Your Communication

By drastically reducing the time it takes to enter data with advanced data capture, you can refine communication throughout your business. Imagine, for a moment, that your business is a large and complex machine, carefully engineered for a purpose of your choosing, and that the data it needs to function is the oil used to keep the machine running smoothly.

With your current manual data entry system, the machine doesn’t get the oil it needs very often. As a result, it isn’t functioning quite as smoothly as it could be; certain critical parts are overheating, and you hear gears catching more than they should. With advanced data capture, the oil flows freely, and the machine runs quietly and smoothly with a superior end product.

Advanced data capture is an emerging solution that opens the door to further workflow automation. It allows employees to use their time and your resources more effectively, adds consistency to your operation and streamlines every aspect of your business. These improvements have a noticeable effect not only on your team’s work-life balance but also on the end user’s experience with your company.

If you think advanced data capture or one of Process Fusion’s other workflow solutions could have a positive impact on your business, don’t hesitate to reach out. IT solutions begin with a simple conversation, and we’d love to sit down and discuss what our team of professionals can do to change your business for the better.