Mobile Data

Mobile Data Collection for Your Business

For small and medium-sized businesses that rely on properly utilizing data to grow and thrive, data collection is an essential but underappreciated task. When important information is collected on paper, via survey for example, there is usually a long and tedious process to transform the information into usable data – and every step of that process is vulnerable to human error.

Finding a way around that tedious process of data input and analysis has been a goal of efficient businesses for a very long time. But mobile data collection always presented problems with the interface being clunky or the input taking too long.

Thanks to perseverance and emerging technology, some companies like Process Fusion’s partner Mi-Corporation have been able to build a workable platform for mobile data collection that hits all the right notes.

Mobile Data Collection Saves Time for Employees in the Field

Collecting data in the field used to be a lot like herding cats. Getting large groups of people to complete and submit forms and surveys in an orderly manner was nearly impossible; more complex tasks were even worse.

Mi-Forms, our main mobile data collection offering, works to solve that problem by making the process of entering data as intuitive, familiar and paper-like as possible. In a world that’s more paperless by the day, it seems somehow fitting that a screen imitating a traditional paper form is actually one of the most efficient and effective means of data collection.

Mobile Data Collection Helps Your Business Utilize Data

Perhaps the greatest downside of traditional data entry was how long it took. Mobile data collection completely cuts out the time between the end user filling out a form and entering that form data into the system so your business can use it.

This means you can immediately take customer feedback into account in your business practices, and your employees will always be updated with the latest data. Now your business can provide the best, most informed customer service possible.

Our mobile data collection offerings also integrate seamlessly with most pre-existing backend databases and function on any mobile device, laptop or desktop. This versatility is key to helping your business utilize the data you collect – and it also makes the adoption process much simpler.

Mobile Data Collection is Intuitive and Easy to Adopt

One of the largest barriers to the adoption of new workplace technology is the risk of causing a major disruption in business workflows or a negative impact on the end user experience. We keep this in mind with our mobile data collection services, taking special care to ensure that the transition to a new data collection method is smooth for your employees as well as intuitive and engaging for the potential customers that will be entering the data.

Mobile data collection is a powerful IT solution that can change the way your business operates from top to bottom, while the actual technology will directly impact only one of your business’s day-to-day functions. Combining mobile data collection with other services like workflow automation and cloud computing can turn your business from functional but traditional to cutting-edge and highly efficient.

At Process Fusion, we work alongside our partners to provide your business with solutions that empower your people with technology and improve both your business and your life. We’d love to have a conversation about how we can work for you – just get in touch, no strings attached.