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Speed and Security

Unless you’re a car aficionado or a history buff, you may not know the name Nils Bohlin. Given what he did, it’s amazing he isn’t better known. Believe it or not, you’ve likely used his invention multiple times in the last 24 hours. In fact, he may have even saved your life.

The three-point game-changer.

By the 1950s, automakers had already recognized the need to include safety equipment in cars. While race car drivers and pilots wore harness-style restraints, production model cars came with simple “two-point” seat belts that only ran across your lap. Sometimes two-point belts provided safety. Sometimes they made injuries sustained during wrecks worse.

Nils Bohlin was an engineer at Volvo. The potential problems of the two-point seat belt weighed on him, so he created a better version. Bohlin’s version crossed over a passenger’s lap and chest, holding their entire body securely. The design (referred to as the three-point seat belt) was so good that it’s still in use today.

And here’s where the story takes an even more remarkable turn. Recognizing the potential to save lives, Bohlin and Volvo made the historic decision to release the patent for the three-point seat belt, making it freely available to everyone in the world. In doing so, millions of lives have been saved.

Faster is good. Faster and more secure is better.

In the days of horse-drawn transportation, no one gave much thought to seat belts. Vehicles moved slowly enough that they were hardly necessary. But cars changed all of that. Today, it’s unthinkable to fly along a highway at 60+ MPH without a life-saving seat belt locked into place.

Speed changed everything. The same is true in technology.

Today, there are a variety of ways to share information at breakneck speeds. It’s never been easier to send even large chunks of information in an instant. And yet, without solid security those faster speeds could easily spell disaster.

It’s not enough to be quick. You need to be quick and secure.

Process Faster. Share Securely.

At Process Fusion, we understand the need for both advantages. We enable clients to process huge amounts of data from all different kinds of sources at incredible speeds. Our Advanced Data Capture, for example, gives you the ability to pull information from paper records without any need for manual entry.

Not only that, but our mobile data solutions make it possible to skip paper all together . . . while maintaining the look and experience of filling out a paper form. These are revolutionary tools. But without the tools to maintain security, these innovations would be close to useless.

That’s why we also give clients the ability to share information through several different secure channels. We have solutions to address common sharing venues, like Fax Automation, Secure Messaging and Secure Printing. Additionally, our Digital Signature solution makes it possible to sign electronic documents without fear of a data security breach.

This is the power of automation combined with the solid protection. Speed and security.

Process Fusion

At Process Fusion, we strive to help clients achieve high levels of productivity without sacrificing any element of security. One without the other won’t fully address your business’s needs. But by combining the two, we can help you push to higher levels of success than ever before.

If you’d like to learn more about process automation with the ability to share securely, please give us a call. We’d be happy to explore how our solutions can help your organization.