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His name as Allan F. Mogensen, also known simply as “Mogy.” The long-standing nickname was the title of his 1989 autobiography, as well. It’s entirely possible you’ve never heard of Mogy, but you’ve almost certainly heard his most well-known quote.

“Work smarter, not harder.”

A legacy of efficiency.

An industrial engineer by trade, Mogy’s work focused on what he called “work simplification.” Work simplification means exactly what it sounds like it means. It’s about finding the easiest, most efficient way to organize a workflow process.

Variations of Mogy’s efforts are still shaping how business is done today.

No matter what industry you work in, there will always be opportunities to streamline production. That’s true for literal assembly lines and web-based businesses, alike. Our commitment to helping businesses eke out every opportunity for greater efficiency is exactly what led us to develop CapturePoint for Xerox.

– Staples

Working Smarter

Our passion for improving performance is rooted in well-established principles. For example, the Project Management Institute reports that “projects are 2.5 times more successful when proven project management practices are used.” The more efficient you are, the more likely you are to hit your targets.

A recent article published in the Harvard Business Review summed up the essence of efficiency rather succinctly. “To really improve productivity” the article states, “you first have to gain a level of organizational self-awareness to understand what work actually drives value at your company, and then direct employees towards these tasks.” Without question, tedious manual tasks fall outside the category of value-driving work. There’s no ROI in asking your talented employee base to waste precious person-hours on tasks that could easily be automated.

And yet, for many organizations, there’s a gap between best practices and available tools. Staples’ 2016 Workplace Index revealed that 75% of American employees feel they don’t have the best efficiency technology.

At Process Fusion, we recognize the need to address that gap, enabling organizations to process faster. So we did something about it. First, we fulfilled the stringent qualifications to become a Xerox Personalized Application Builder Authorized Developer, and then we created CapturePoint.

CapturePoint for Xerox

What is CapturePoint? CapturePoint is a simple, yet powerful App that runs on any Xerox ConnectKey Multi-Functional Printers (MFP). The CapturePoint App enables employees to securely and quickly create digital, editable copies of paper documents.

While 72% of businesses already have some paperless strategies in place, we’re far from achieving the paperless office environment we’ve heard talk of for decades. The EPA reports that “the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper each year.” In fact, the US is responsible for 30% of worldwide paper consumption.

That matters for one very simple reason. Paper is expensive. It’s expensive to buy, expensive to file, expensive to store . . . and expensive to search. It’s that last point that has the potential to affect your bottom line in subtle but significant ways.

When your documentation is paper-based, your ability to use your data is limited. You can’t run queries against it, push it from one database to another, track real-time changes or even look up individual records quickly. Sure, you could hire data-entry personnel to digitally transcribe records, but that’s another expense. Plus, that exposes you to the risk of human error.

That’s where CapturePoint for Xerox comes into the picture.

A better way.

CapturePoint gives your entire office an easy, intuitive way to turn paper records into digital data. The solution is easy to deploy, easy to use, and ultimately cost-effective. It’s backed by both Xerox, a name you know and trust, and Process Fusion, a leader in the digital transformation space.

In fact, Process Fusion and CapturePoint App have been named as finalists for the Channel Elite Award in recognition of their “innovation, leadership and commitment to creating business value and game-changing solutions for customers.”

With CapturePoint, you don’t have to hassle with paper records, nor do you have to shell out big bucks paying your employees to manual transfer all that data. You can simply scan your documents and effortlessly convert the information to standard file types, like Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.


Stay tuned for what is coming with CapturePoint. We will be supporting additional languages for our worldwide customers, new cloud destinations such as Thru, Hyland ShareBase and Xerox DocuShare-Flex, full faxing capabilities and perhaps intelligent invoice processing function. Find out more at

How can we help?

We’re proud of CapturePoint and the mark we believe it’s destined to make on business productivity. It’s a smart solution for businesses looking to streamline. But it also falls in line with our core philosophies.

We want to help business owners find ways to work faster and more securely. Or, as Mogy would have said it, smarter, not harder. CapturePoint is just one of the ways we’re fulfilling that mission.

If your business is interested in digital transformation, please get in contact with us today. We can help with document scanning and a whole lot more.